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The user-owned ERC-721 NFTs that make up Revolution World’s assets, such as REVOLD Heroes (NFT characters) and REVOLD Equipment (NFT weaponry), may freely be transferred with one another and other users.

Revolution World provides its customers with a private marketplace in which they may list and buy their own non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which eliminates the risk of being defrauded while performing transactions via the use of NFT contracts.

The Revold Token gives gamers the opportunity to earn rewards while participating in their favorite blockchain game. In Revolution World, players may engage in combat with other players using strong weaponry in order to earn REVOLD tokens. As you make your way through the game, you will need to utilize the native token REVORD to do things like creating characters, manufacturing weapons with varying levels of power, and leveling up your character. You will get a greater quantity of REVOLD according to the effectiveness of your weapon.


When a player makes a purchase of an NFT from the marketplace, the very first notification they receive is an approval transaction very similar to the one that is depicted below:

Because Revolution World does not have the free authority to spend REVOLD straight from your MetaMask wallet, it needs to ask for consent every time a player wishes to perform a transaction in the marketplace.

This transaction is distinct from the actual purchase confirmation that was completed. After the approval transaction has been completed, the player will get fresh notice about the market buy.

If REVOLD is approved, it does NOT indicate that you are now able to buy an item from the market.

If you try to buy anything that has already been bought by another person, you will be given an error message about the gas fee.


In order to list an NFT, all that is required is the payment of the necessary gas fee to carry out the transaction, which will transfer the NFT to the marketplace contract.

When buying an NFT from the marketplace, the purchaser is responsible for paying a tax equal to 10% of the purchase price.

The price shown for NFTs on the marketplace already includes the tax, and the ten percent added on top of that is deposited into the contract that oversees REVOLD rewards earned via combat in the Revolution World game.


A trade lock of twenty-four hours will be placed on an item whether it is sold via the marketplace, purchased through the marketplace, or exchanged using smart contracts. During this time, the item cannot be resold or traded.

Attempting to list or trade locked asset NFTs results in a 0.285 gas cost error. Please do not try to escape the 24-hour trading lock.


You are able to see all of the presently listed REVOLD Heroes (Revolution World characters) and REVOLD Equipment (weapons) by clicking on the Browse NFTs tab.

You may limit the available selections by using the filters, which are accessible for both the characters and the weapons.

Only the top fifty of the results that were retrieved will be shown since there is currently no scrolling available. You will need to get the asset ID in order to utilize the Search NFTs feature, which is discussed further down in this section, in order to execute a direct purchase of somebody else’s listed NFT on the marketplace.

Search NFTs:

  1. If you know the asset ID of the NFT you want to purchase or the wallet address of the seller, you can view them instantly under the Search NFTs tab.
  2. Simply enter an asset ID into the textbox and click “Search Character ID” or “Search Weapon ID” to locate the relevant NFT.
  3. If you know the seller’s wallet address, you may enter it in the textbox and then choose “Characters by Seller” or “Weapons by Seller” to see all of their listed characters or weapons, respectively.
  4. You may also use this page to examine the gas fee-inclusive pricing of your presently listed characters and weapons.
  5. When you choose a listed NFT, you may de-list the item or modify its advertised price. Note that the mentioned price modification requires you to enter a new price, which will be subject to a 10 percent tax before being re-listed on the marketplace.
  6. Delisting an item does not remove the 24-hour trade lock, so you cannot trade or relist it immediately after removing it from the marketplace.

List NFTs:

  1. You can put your own NFTs on the marketplace by clicking the List NFTs tab. You can even look at the REVOLD Hero characters and REVOLD weapons in your crypto wallet and put them on the marketplace for whatever price you want.
  2. Please remember that the amount of REVOLD you get is the same as the price you put in when you list. A ten percent (10) gas fee will be added to the original cost listed on the Revolution World marketplace.
  3. The listing requires you to move the NFT from your wallet to the market, which costs you gas just like trading. You will also be asked if you are okay with Revolution World using your BNB or WBNB.
  4. When you list a character, it makes room in your wallet so you can mint a new NFT.
  5. Please keep in mind that you can’t take a character off the listing if your crypto wallet already has 4/4 characters.

Your First Revolution World Character

The player begins the game in the Main Plaza, where they may create their first character ($REVOLD Heroes). The character’s element is assigned at random. The initial character created comes with a starting weapon, therefore it is not necessary to create a weapon prior to engaging in battle.

Each newly minted character begins with 300 stamina, sufficient for five encounters. Each combat costs the character 40 stamina points. One point of stamina regenerates every 10 minutes. A player may maintain up to four characters at once. Currently, minting a character costs the game’s native token REVOLD.

Soon on the official website at, you may discover a ranking for how much minting Revolution World NFTs cost.

On the Plaza screen, the player selects the character they want to start the fight with. After selecting a weapon, the player may then join the game’s battle part, where four opponents appear at the bottom of the screen. It is desirable for the player to align the elements of their character with the element of their weapon and choose an opponent whose element is superior to their own.

Prior to picking which enemy to combat, the player needs also to examine the opponent’s strength. The game updates the available opponents every hour; there may be instances when it is profitable to wait for a refresh to boost your chances of victory.

To start playing the game, you may create your first hero and get a complimentary 1-star weapon.

There are variations to just minting four features, which may result in a collection of diverse element characters that will not synergize only with one sword.

Common advice for beginner players is to acquire four heroes of the same element by purchasing characters from the market.

As (XP) is a time-consuming resource, buying leveled characters may be a preferable choice, provided you have the cash.

Acquiring characters is a great method to get an advantage, but don’t neglect the weaponry.

Team Element Composition:

Minting a Revolution World hero is the cheapest method to obtain one, but the present nature of the game encourages a conventional single team since having four characters with the same element may enable you to leverage only one excellent weapon.

A good 4-star or 5-star sword of any particular element may be useful if you can acquire four heroes of the same element so that they may all share and utilize it.

Account Levels and Upgrades:

Players start off with 100 energy, which can be used for both player vs environment and player versus player combat. Users are required to lock their Poco Tokens in order to increase the energy capacity of their wallets. These distinct types of the extended energy may be distinguished from one another as follows:

  • Standard – (Requirement Free) – (Energy Capacity-100) – (Energy Regen/day – 120 points)
  • VIP – (Requirement 3000 REVOLD Tokens) – (Energy Capacity-120) (Energy Regen/day – 144 points)
  • Premium – (Requirement 10,000 REVOLD Tokens) – (Energy Capacity-150) (Energy Regen/day – 180 points)

To engage in combat against a specific opponent, the player will have to pay a little amount of BNB gas money. After then, the game conducts a roll to determine the result of the battle and stores the outcome on the blockchain. If the player emerges victorious from the combat, they will get REVORD Tokens in addition to experience points for their character.

The player receives no benefit of any kind if the game is ultimately unsuccessful for them. When a player successfully dispatches an adversary in battle, they will earn experience. Gaining levels allows a character to become more powerful overall, and this is accomplished via the usage of experience points.

At this time, the maximum level a character may achieve is 300. The player must choose whether to “claim” their experience before it can be used. Because the process of claiming experience writes to the blockchain, a minimal BNB gas cost is levied upon each claim.

This price is deducted from the total amount claimed. Since the experience is automatically stored on the blockchain, a small amount of BNB gas is deducted from each claim.

After the claim transaction has been validated, the experience will be added mechanically to the Revolution World Hero.

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