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The Revolution World Token NFT Metaverse Project : Everything you need to know!


New technologies are being introduced into the digital realm as time passes. Digital technology has progressed at a faster rate than any other breakthrough in history. Virtual Reality is one of them, and the virtual reality universe would be incomplete without the Metaverse & NFT.

Metaverse is the largest VR technology that has the potential to improve many people’s lives, and you could be one of them. People are investing in the Virtual World instead of the Real World. Mark Zuckerberg believes “ METAVERSE isn’t a thing a company builds, .It’s the next chapter of the internet”.

If a brand, a company, or any other commercial organisation is focusing on this Metaverse , then why shouldn’t we be one of the people whose lives will be changed?

But why do individuals put their money into this virtual world? How could things possibly be changing for me? Which platform will assist me in navigating this new virtual world? If you’re asking yourself these questions, you’ve come to the correct spot.

Everything about the new “Revolution World “ project:

Users can play, own, earn, trade and collect in this huge BSC Project. It consists of a Revolution World society that is only open to a small number of people. Overall, society remains low-key. Different tasks and positions are assigned to members of this society. Each position and role have its own set of benefits and drawbacks.

Members must patiently and honestly carry out their responsibilities to the Revolution World society.

The Revolution World Metaverse :

Revolution World is a decentralized union organization that makes Virtual World investments. An online virtual space on the internet is referred to as a Revolution World Metaverse . It includes various facets of the internet, such as

· Social media

· Gaming

· Augmented reality

· Virtual reality,

· Digital Currencies like REVOLD TOKEN

REVOLD is producing the Next Generation Revolution Virtual Reality (VR) World while also developing new game standards on the BINANCE Block chain. It was designed with both developers and users in mind. It also offers an AR and VR solution. It has the advantage of being powered by:

· Air Rise Inc

· Revolution World Project

· REVOLD Token

In the Revolution World Token, the best gaming society, Metaverseis a bridge between the physical world and the virtual world. Cryptographic protocols will emerge from managing digital value. NFT on the Binance Smart Chain facilitates all assets in this Revolution World society metaverse, enabling for inexpensive and seamless transactions.


With a combination of organic and strategic growth, The REVOLD Token team believes that their initiative can propel VR to the next level. Revolution World is a first-person and third-person shooter featuring gameplay that is comparable to Call of Duty and Halo.

· For each kill/death, users earn or lose cryptocurrency.

· For Revolution World participants, the Revolution World offers an engaging gaming module.

· Due to its unique game strategy and gaming mode, as well as stunning images on the network and in the game, the game attracts a big audience.

Meanwhile, the inherent properties of scalability and visibility in today’s block chain inherently attract gamers.


The Revolution World team is creating a one-of-a-kind virtual environment where gamers can create, control, and monetize their gaming experiences with REVOLD Token, the platform’s core utility token.

Revolution World’s native gaming money is called REVOLD. REVOLD is used by players to obtain characters, forge and re-forge weapons, and purchase and sell items on the Marketplace/Bazar. The $REVOLD token is the gaming economy’s single currency, encompassing all aspects of:


· GameFi.

· NFTs.

· Metaverse.

· AR-VR Gaming.


AIR RISE INC and REVOLD Project Team is dedicated to creating this game, communities, and ecosystems. As a result, all token parameters such as total number, allocation ratio, lock rate, and so on are carefully analyzed. Revold is the best project for investment. Because the deflationary technology on which the coin is built. Where every transaction this coin will be burned Revolution World Token. 2REVOLD is a part of a growing set of technologies that allow you to access a wide range of financial services directly from your compatible crypto wallet.

REVOLD Team is motivated by a desire to defend decentralized applied science, such as the AR-VR Metaverse, from centralized entities seeking major control for personal gain. The team hopes to accomplish this while simultaneously making community investment in the Metaverse, Game Fi, and NFTs easier, fairer, and more egalitarian.

This will ensure that Metaverse investment is not limited to the wealthy, allowing the Metaverse to reach its full potential as digital extensions of the physical world.

FINAL Conclusion:

REVOLD promotes Metaverse growth by allowing users to invest in protocols and virtual reality technology that would otherwise be out of reach for the typical investor.

REVOLD unlocks pools of capital that would otherwise be unavailable by decreasing the barrier to entry for investment in the Metaverse. The procedure has a triple effect, assisting investors in gaining access to investment possibilities that would otherwise be unavailable.

In short, “ Revolution World Token is the Metaverse’s Future, which is still looking for a conqueror, and you can be that conqueror by picking the correct platform at the appropriate time…”

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