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More Information About Release Date

Good day, Good Knights! We’d like to share a brief update as we move towards the end of the apocalypses, we mean, the year of 2022.

Meta Revolution World — REVOLD remains on track for our target release date in 2023

We’ll have more information about a specific release date in the coming months. We have to mention that our game will be playable at launch in the second quarter of 2023” — and we absolutely mean it! Everything publicly, now we are working on innovations and additional options for players in Adventure mod. AIR RISE INC have had a well-coordinated team behind this curtain, with much more content still undergoing internal testing.

Our team has been quietly but intensely working on a host of new content and features, in addition to polishing the game to a fine shine, and ensuring our capacity to launch a network stress-tested game early in 2023. We’re finding this format works well for us to stress-test matchmaking over a limited period of time, as well as helping us to fine-tune combat mechanics and new features in quick bursts.

Our melee combat system has seen some important improvements since the in-game test was last shown, never-before-shown maps are under completion and testing, as well as many other surprises in development.

We’re very excited to come to PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S all for a simultaneous release date in 2022. Stay tuned for more information about Meta Revolution World — REVOLD on console platforms.

We are opening a marketing campaign to invite tens of thousands players to the Meta Revolution World since it began next month. If you haven’t received an invitation yet, do not wait — we want you to follow the invitation right now don’t waste your time, here is the Link. We need more and more people like you, to join our community.

Expect the update to be quiet. But the Knight will start his journey in 2023!

Rather than trying to make noise during the busy holiday gaming season, we’ve been keeping the game mostly under wraps until 2023. This year, we are going to share the official trailer, Will be soon announced on our social networks.

2022–23 will see a ton of reveals, new trailers, Marketplace, Staking AR & VR Gameplay and more.

We leave you with a video compilation of our recent model Showcase

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