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Public IDO Whitelist Application

Recently, as the number of users on our platform has continued to increase, many bots have started to interact with our contracts and claimed large number of NFT cards and Revold Coin. Revold vision is for all users of the crypto world to have their first Crypto & NFT asset. So we decided to start whitelisting, to keep real users rather than bots as much as possible.

As a reward for whitelisting, we will randomly select 5000 address from the first batch of whitelisting users and each will receive a unique NFT and R-PC Coin (reward).

Regarding the whitelist, we would like to make it clear that:

1. Whitelisted addresses can be buy only Min $500 — Max $5000.

2. You only need to be whitelisted one time then you can use our platform permanently.

3. All real users will be whitelisted.

1. Follow @RevoldToken & @AIRRISEINC on Twitter.

2. Like & Retweet pinned tweet and tag 3 friends.

3. Fill in the form:

We will collect addresses from real users every week and whitelist them over the weekend ,if you missed this week’s whitelist. you can submit your address next week.

We will complete the first whitelist address collection on 11/30 UTC-4 .

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