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Meta Revolution World (founded in 2020) is a decentralized gaming ecosystem built on the Binance Smart Chain. Players and creators can obtain the Meta Revolution World Games (Revold) tokens through a variety of innovative games. Meta Revolution World — Revold Powered and Developed By AIR RISE INC & Game Development Studio with Roman Kravchina (CEO).

It is a multiplayer builder game, where anyone can buy and own Revold Metaverse NFT cards, collect and create exciting items and meet new friends with battles and community.


Meta Revolution World — Revold Game is the next generation of console gaming is upon us, with the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S and Playstation 4 & 5, PC with Virtual Reality AR Devices. Of course, no console is much without games — not even the “most powerful” in the world.

This will be an all-out action affair on an open-world map that looks like a vibrant recreation of old cities, with plenty of rides to try out and different weapons to master.

An unbelievable achievement in terms of scope, Revold Game is going to take a promising series and turn it into an absolute blockbuster, crafting a grim and believable open world for you to explore as Revold World.

Taking the intricate, challenging combat of its many games so far and moving them into a truly open world for the first time, AIR RISE INC and Revold Software has created a modern masterpiece in the form of Revold Project. Our game should be savoured by everyone who likes a challenge.

It’s got a gorgeous map to explore full of small details and amazing locations, with frightful enemies hiding in every corner and bush, and will take a long while to master if even one of the many playstyles it offers.

You’ll play as the with your own Revold NFT Avatar (Hero), with a weighty responsibility on your shoulders, and explore a huge province.

How you’ll go about that more precisely is up to you, whether you fancy becoming a mage, prefer using axes or think that the inevitable stealth archer build is the one for you this time around. Nothing else hits the spot quite like a bit of Revold Game. With some of the most extreme bosses in the series and a difficulty level that rarely drops below the near-impossible, every bit of progress you make feels like a victory, and every bonfire you reach turns into a true oasis.

Moreover, Revold Project is not just a game and an entertainment project. The Revold Team offers you a huge range of services such as NFT Marketplace, Swap Market, Spot Market, and World Money Transfer System (Send Your Fiat) to anybody in a few clicks.


Decentralized ownership is that users could create and trade their own assets in-game and earn Revold token via their prove-of-time play a game in Meta Revolution World..

The marketplace is blockchain-based and ownership is with every participating player.


Decentralized ownership is that users could create and trade their own assets in-game and earn Revold token via their prove-of-time & Play to Earn — play game in Revold Game.

The marketplace is blockchain-based and ownership is with every participating player.

Cards Type

In Revold Metaverse NFT Game, there are 10 basic character cards initially, these avatars come from the Revold Kingdoms. All these cards are released on blockchain as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Once players own enough basic cards and tools.

Features Collecting

New characters are framed from the creator, which needs to be collected from the Revold marketplace. The new characters have certain specifications and format and come with a default set of animations such as quality, level, power, HP, Attack. Specifically, these new characters are designed piece by piece (helmet, arms, torso, legs, etc.) by equipping it with different compatible tools that you can find on OpenSea Marketplace. Revold marketplace with protocol mintanization will be developed soon.

In-Game Assets

There are in-game assets that can be deployed into the game and they can be bought and sold on the marketplace. New characters and weapons will be added periodically. Among them — basic cards and new characters would be a player’s asset.

In addition, users can create assets using the NFT creator and monetize their design characters and skills. DeFi (Decentralized Finance) capabilities are added to the in-game assets by Community council.

Competitive Play

In addition to the collectible aspect of the card game, Revold Metaverse NFT Cards has also created GamePlay. Players can battle otters in local multiplayer and earn players points and special tools.

Blockchain Architecture

Blockchain technology is used to record the ownership of tokens and allows owners to transfer/sell/use them without restriction. InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) is used to store the actual digital asset and ensure the asset cannot be changed without owner permission.

The four different blockchain protocols that is integrated into X World Gaming stack are:

The Revold Token

Revold token is the native currency in the game, as well as mirrored as an BEP-20 token. It allows token holders to collect, create and also be part of the game. There is a fixed supply of Revold tokens.

There are several uses of the token:

  • It can be used for payments between collectors, creators, and players.
  • Non-Fungible Token (NFT) and cards can be purchased from the ecosystem using Revold tokens.
  • Revold Exchange and World Money Transfer can grow the X World platform.
  • Token holders can propose burn tokens in the DAO.
Token Utilities;

Revold token is the digital currency that players use to purchase cards in the game. Both $Revold the in-game token of Revolution World, and Revolution Pearl $R-PC, the utility token for Revold, will have utilities in and out of the game to assist your journey as a Revold member. You can cash out what you have earned or reinvest it back into your character to challenge higher leagues and tackle greater rewards.

In order to use the stake for your $REVOLD Coin, you simply deposit your $REVOLD Coin. After depositing, you will earn reward on the stacking pool

Yield Farming, Staking, Mining:

Rewards for DeFi/GameFi, such as liquidity farming & staking, are involved with the practice of staking or lending crypto assets to generate high Stable 200% APY Returns or Rewards in the form of additional $R-Pearl Coin. Revolution Pearl Token was created for Stacking/Farming rewards.

Staking is only possible for one year. The reward is 200% APY. The reward can be claimed portionaly or when the staking ends.

The reward amount depends on the staked amount, staking period.

The rewards are paid out every month. Stakers will be able to use their stake as a collateral to buy or sell on Revold Marketplace with installments.


Owning Revold token enables the player to participate in the governance process through a decentralized organization, with proposals and voting structures. There are issues related to the platform operations and development that can be decided based on the preference of the token holders. In order to encourage users to participate in the voting process, there will also be rewards for voters.

Play to Earn

There is a proportion of the tokens reserved for user incentives. By participating in battles in the game, players can earn Revold tokens. This design is to encourage user participation in the game, grow the community and maintain traction.


Collectors and Creators could buy and sell their cards in the marketplace, Revold game platform will charge 0% of Revold tokens as a transaction fee from the Seller.

Player and Creators — Community Council

Every Revold token holder can become a member of the DAO and get the right to vote on proposals. Different token holders would have different voting rights from creators and discounts in translation fees.

ERC20 and BEP20 Compatibility

Binance Smart Chain can also function as a Layer Two to other blockchains, and has features for moving tokens between for example Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. There is a bridge to move the Revold token back and forth between Binance Smart Chain and the Ethereum network, and thus players are able to swap on Ethereum to ensure liquidity.

Game Assets

In gaming, the element of scarcity and collectible items have been around cards, tools, and skins. Once collectors get enough basic cards, tools, and skin, they can be creators and create new cards or new characters, players will be user-generated content.

Collectible Cards and Scarcity

Scarcity in Dream Cards exists on different items:

  • Fix supply of basic cards
  • Limited editions of skins
  • Scarcity limits cards from creators
  • Limit cards have special skills in gaming
Players and Creators

Revold game strive to improve on this. It stores much more data about items on-chain, using the Binance Smart Chain, a standard for asset definitions from players and creators. So, the items is defined in a user’s-own only, running on-chain and being under the ultimate control of the contributors.

Marketplace and Trading
In-game Marketplace

Players would easily buy and sell their character cards and tools in the marketplace. All the trading is built on the blockchain for all digital assets (NFTs) transactions.

Marketplace on Binance Smart Chain

The Revold token is interchangeable with a BEP-20 Binance Smart Chain token, but also items and item ownership might be transferred to other blockchains like Ethereum.

Revold ICO Start on October 17th 2022 — November 30th 2022. Rasing Money Soft Cap: $85000 — Hard Cap: $185000. We are open for investors

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