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Revold Game has been created with the intention of developing a flexible play to earn metaverse that would be easy and inexpensive to play, cutting the high entry barrier seen on Binance Smartchain Metaverse Projects, where the game will soon move to Revold Blockchain. We will sideline the complexities of reinventing the protocol as we will utilize the Revold Blockchain to integrate blockchain based transaction layers, verifying player NFT ownership for admission to content and much more.


CROSS-CHAIN ROUTER PROTOCOL – The Ultimate Router for Web 3.0


Non-custodial + MPC: MPC, the powerful symbol of decentralization, processes Revold Multi-Chain, cross-chain, bridging and smart contract methods on other chains. 


No-slippage Swap: Revold Multichain’s 1:1 swap enables users to perform 0 slippage transfers and eliminate the hidden cost associated with AMM.  


Revold Multichain Router: Multichain Router allows users to swap between any two chains freely. It reduces fees and makes it easier to move between chains.

Revold Exchange


Trade Futures & Spot, P2P & Swap Options on Bitcoin, Ethereum & 100+ Altcoins. Revold Exchange is  the Best App to Buy Crypto. Revold Exchange Mobile App to Easily Buy Crypto – Anytime and Anywhere. Enjoy a beginner-friendly interface to buy Bitcoin with Credit card or Debit card.  Revold Exchange will provide a secure payment gateway to purchase  cryptocurrencies with your Bank Cards in the United States. Transactions are protected by MasterCard Secure Code and Verified by VISA. It is a low-cost solution that offers maximum security. Don’t want to wait? Use your phone’s digital wallet, a bank transfer, or a qualifying credit or debit card to make purchases instantly. [COMING SOON]

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We grew from an idea that there had to be a better, fairer way to move money around the world. Led by CEO Roman Kravchina, and our Executive team members have studied the system world’s biggest banks, payment providers and tech operators. Revold Send App is available in almost 150 countries and has 370,000 branches. Many branches in the India, Dominican Republic, Philippines, Peru, and Vietnam, Jamaica, Trinidad Republic offer same day pickup when available, but funds must be sent via bank account Debit or Credit Cards (Visa/MasterCard) true our automating Revold Payment Protocol (RPP). Revold Send Apponly allows transfers up to $1,000 per day, per person. Rates: Revold App charges a markup rate on top of the exchange rate plus a small transfer fee.  [COMING SOON]

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The following project features are what make Revold DAO the true Gateway to the Metaverse. While you can jump right into the fight with two free-to-play characters and play on equal terms with other players, you will need an NFT character to start receiving rewards.


Featuring industry leading staking pools, Play-to-Earn Games, Metaverse events organization and a P2E and GameFi focused incubator, Revold is truly the gateway to the Metaverse. Rewards for DeFi/GameFi, such as liquidity farming & staking, are involved with the practice of staking or lending crypto assets to Generate high Stable 200% APY Rewards in the form of additional $R-Pearl Coin. Revolution Pearl Token was created for Stacking/Farming rewards.


Our first mover advantage has enabled us to purchase assets and Virtual Clan Meetings prime locations on some of the largest and most used Metaverse platforms in the Industry. This has led us to owning Metaverse assets at an entry price of roughly 90% below current market value. This means that if any protocol were to compete with us, they’ll have to pay significant premiums to compete with our portfolio of Metaverse assets. To this day we still have no like-for-like competition.



Our motivation behind what we do is to protect decentralized technologies, like the Metaverse, from centralized entities that are attempting to gain significant control for personal benefit. We aim to do this while also making investment into the Metaverse and GameFi & NFTs easier, fairer and more equitable for the community. This will ensure that investment in the Metaverse is not entirely reserved for the wealthy, enabling the Metaverse to realise its full potential as digital extensions of the physical world.



Revold acts as a catalyst for growth in the Metaverse by enabling users to invest in protocols and virtual reality metaverse technology that is financially out of reach for the average investor. By lowering the barrier to entry for investment in the Metaverse, we unlock pools of capital that would otherwise not be available. Our protocol has a trifecta effect, helping investors access investment opportunities that would otherwise be out of reach, helping spur growth and adoption in the Metaverse and helping keep it decentralized and in the community’s control.



Use your Knight for fighting in VR to receive rewards of REVOLD tokens and experience for levelling. Higher attribute stats play an important role in getting better fighting records in the PvP arena.


Revolution World Championship

REVOLD NFT Owners can choose to participate in the event, and if they can achieve a high rank on the leaderboard, they will be rewarded with a part of the REVOLD.


True Item Ownership

In the realms of Revolution World, NFTs are unique, exclusive, and powerful items that are designed for each hero. Their value depends on their rarity and strength. The rarer, the less there are, with some categories of NFTs having limited existence. Currently these NFTs can be weapons, accessories and skins, but we plan on adding many more unique collectibles in the future, such as pets, land, and much more!

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Why we chose Unity to create the Meta Revolution World (REVOLD) Metaverse?

Creating the most immersive metaverse requires the best technology. Technology that not only provides a foundation, but a framework for everything that you build around.

This was the technology we were looking for before we first started building REVOLD. It needed to provide us with the means to create something that just hasn’t been created before: a Virtual Reality world – a metaverse – with immersive, realistic graphics.

So we knew that what was ahead would be a challenge. But we also knew that if we chose our technology well – chose the right technology – that we would be headed in the right direction. We wanted to be able to focus on what really would matter to the inhabitants and visitors to our metaverse – the way that the environments felt and played.

So the decision was made. Unity is known as the best gaming engine in the world. And now it would be powering REVOLD.

Unity is one of the industry’s most powerful and widely used game design software tools, allowing you to create 2D and 3D games for nearly any system—including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Facebook. Unity has been used by Oculus Rift, Steam VR, PS4 from around the world – from small teams to powerhouses with hundreds, if not thousands of people. They use Unity because it’s a natural fit for games, whether they are first-person shooters or strategy titles. We felt it could go further, and Unity gives us everything we needed to create the REVOLD metaverse. High-quality graphics, vivid visual effects, excellent physics simulation – all these things are now available to us for our metaverse and the environments, games, quests and architecture held within.


Even still, the fact is that we are creating a state of the art digital platform that will deliver an infinite amount of new content to a VR metaverse, and Virtual Reality is a platform that is currently known for its graphical limitations. With Unity, we felt we could find a way to surpass those limitations and create something that both looked and performed on another level.

Make no mistake, we are only too aware that’s not enough to have the best engine. So our next challenge was, of course, people. We all understand the importance of hiring the right talent, and it’s something we have worked on extensively whilst our metaverse has been in development in Unity. We are pleased to say we are working with some of the very best developers and content creators that are able to realize our vision of full virtual worlds with high-performance graphics and realistic visual effects.

One of the things that brings us results when using Unity is in our environment. The REVOLD environment, of course, contains many natural landscape elements like сastles, weapons, armories, trees, streams, cliffs and much more – all the elements you see in daily life. But it also contains much more – fantastical elements such as magic effects, deft movement of the character and his skills,  with their own cities, a mixture of futuristic and traditional buildings, and yes, multiple varieties of enemies and goals, tasks, quests. You can play deep beneath the surface of Capital. Everything will be more immersive because of the technology choice we made when we started out; to use Unity as the foundation and framework for our metaverse. And so now, with the right talent and the right platform, that is exactly what we are building with REVOLD Metaverse – something hugely expensive and immersive. Another key benefit has been that we are also now in the position to take our innovative ideas from concept to final product, without reinventing the wheel. And we are proud to say that we will be able to do it for years to come. We have made sure that we are fully upgradable to allow us to build for a long journey ahead into the next-generation and beyond. We believe that Virtual Reality will be mainstream within a short number of years, and we want to make sure we are ready for this transition, so we are able to realize our vision of full virtual worlds with high-performance graphics and realistic visual effects. It’s helping us do that in a way that we believe no other engine could, so in the end, Unity was a no-brainer for us. We chose to make the Revolution World NFT VR Metaverse consumed Unity Technology.

And we can’t wait to invite you in. We are beyond DEX.